Fear Of Folding Laundry In The Dark

I got up before sunrise this morning. As the coffee brewed, I went into the laundry room to empty the dryer. The flurry inside literally shocked me. I did not expect the fear that flooded my veins.

I hadn’t bothered to turn on the light. Standing in the shadows half asleep, I saw and heard tiny jolts, as if a nest of fireflies woke up. Sparks flew though shirts and socks, escaping off items pulled out to fold.

Yes, admittedly, my heart skipped a beat. Who would expect anything to jump out of a dryer in the shadows, lest it be a mouse burrowed down hiding, or a monster that snuck in from the closet? Before coffee, anything is possible.

It took a moment to shake my head awake. Moving from fright to fascination, I patted the clothes still loaded with static. The electricity snapping around my fingers reminded me of the phosphorous I used to see in the ocean during night sails. It was stunning and alive.

Let fear be a reminder to stay mindful

Static electricity is so common that we tend to ignore it. We can buy anti-static products to spray on our clothes and bodies to rid ourselves of the annoyance. This morning, I fell in love with electricity. As I write this post, my fingers tingle in the afterglow of the sparks.

When we push common, natural occurrences away, we unconsciously push away our awareness as well. We push the small marvels out of our heads to make way for worry, pain, and a slew of other heavy thoughts that cloud our thinking. How do these thoughts serve us in a productive way?

If our fear and stress are serving you to attain goals, then by all means, use the worry to accomplish something. But static also implies a lack of action. If some idiot or failure is taking up space in our brain rent free, it’s time to jolt our thoughts awake into the present moment. Action steps towards mindful awareness help release our paralysis around any fear.

Lightning strikes the Earth around eight million times a day. The static jumping through my fingers this morning reminded me of the global connections we all share simply by living on this planet. My shadow fear transformed into courage and love, all in a few seconds.

Take a moment to breathe as you read these words that connect us today, beyond space and time. We needn’t harbor fear of the unknown, for there is life – even in the laundry.

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